Public Service Information


How Are We Doing?

 The Poplar Bluff Police Department is proud to provide modern, quality law enforcement services to the citizens of Poplar Bluff and its visitors. We are committed to providing a safe and orderly environment in Poplar Bluff through professionalism, dedication, and active partnerships with the community, and concern for individual dignity. Input from the people we serve is very important and aids the Department in our continuing evaluation of the services we provide. Your comments, both those which may be critical and those which are complementary, are very useful in ensuring that we perform our mission as efficiently, effectively, and professionally as possible. If you have input regarding either the reward for above-average performance or in taking corrective action in those instances where an employee's performance fails to meet acceptable standards, please see the process below to contact us.


Commendations can consist of any form of recognition from a citizen's letter to the award of a service medal. Please write to us describing the events or incidents you’d like to recognize and include the officer or employee's name(s) involved. The police employee, supervisor, and the Chief of Police are made aware of the outstanding performance and a copy of the letter is placed in the employee's personnel file. 


You may file a complaint with the Department in person or by submitting your comments in a letter to Chief Mike McClain, 911 Shelby Road, Poplar Bluff, Mo 63901, coming to the front desk and speaking with a Supervisor, or by calling us. 

Include the following information: 

1. The date, time, and location of the event or incident 

2. The employee’s name 

3. Name, address, and phone numbers of any witnesses 

4. A description of what happened 

5. Any additional information you feel would be helpful 

What happens next? 

Once we have received your complaint, a supervisor will contact you to discuss the details of the event. Many complaints are resolved at this point, but if you are not satisfied, or if the supervisor feels the event needs further exploration, an investigation will be initiated. We strive to complete our investigations within 30 days. Once the investigation is complete, we’ll send you a letter with the outcome of the investigation.

The Poplar Bluff Police Department has a Medication Return Drug Collection Unit available for use.  The unit is located in the lobby of the police department and can be utilized 24/7.   Listed below are the accepted and not accepted items.




Over-the-counter medications



Medications for pets



Liquid mediation in glass or leak-proof containers.


NOT Accepted

Needles (Sharps)

Thermometers  (Department of Natural Recourses will accept any mercury thermometers)

Bloody or infectious waste

Hydrogen peroxide

Aerosol cans