The Criminal Investigation Division is comprised of several units that work together toward the police department's mission of making the city a safe place to live, work, and visit. The Criminal Investigation Division (or C.I.D.) is responsible for the investigation of felony crimes reported to the Poplar Bluff Police Department. While it is difficult to reflect in words the energy that our detectives put into their assignments, their accomplishments speak for themselves.

 All felony cases are evaluated for solvability by C.I.D. Commander Captain JR Keirsey. Case solvability is determined by the existence of investigative leads. These leads must indicate a potential for arrest and conviction. Since police resources are limited, it is not practical to devote investigative resources to cases with little chance of successful resolution. Common examples of investigative leads include whether a suspect is known by a victim, the existence of physical evidence, the existence of surveillance footage, or other substantial information which may lead to the identity of a suspect. If sufficient investigative leads do not exist, the investigation will be suspended. If new information develops in the future, a case can be reopened and assigned to a detective.

 Detectives may also become involved with the investigation of other incidents which do not immediately rise to the level of a criminal complaint but might pose a risk to the lives and properties of our citizens. Such cases may include some missing person reports and reports of suspicious activity that may result in a criminal offense.