Criminal Investigation Division

The Criminal Investigation Division is comprised of several units that work together towards the police department's mission of making the city a safe place to live, work, and visit. The Criminal Investigation Division (or C.I.D.) is responsible for the investigation of felony crimes reported to the Poplar Bluff Police Department. While it is difficult to reflect in words the energy that our detectives put into their assignments, their accomplishments speak for themselves.

All felony cases are evaluated for solvability by C.I.D. Commander Captain JR Keirsey. Case solvability is determined by the existence of investigative leads. These leads must indicate a potential for arrest and conviction. Since police resources are limited, it is not practical to devote investigative resources to cases with little chance of successful resolution. Common examples of investigative leads include whether a suspect is known by a victim, existence of physical evidence, existence of surveillance footage, or other substantial information which may lead to the identity of a suspect. If sufficient investigative leads do not exist, the investigation will be suspended. If new information develops in the future, a case can be reopened and assigned to a detective.

Detectives may also become involved with the investigation of other incidents which do not immediately rise to the level of a criminal complaint, but might pose a risk to the lives and properties of our citizens. Such cases may include some missing persons reports, and reports of suspicious activity that may result in a criminal offense.

CID Commander

Captain J.R. Keirsey

Captain Keirsey has been with the department since September 7th, 1998 after graduating from the SEMO Law Enforcement academy. Captain Keirsey joined the Criminal Investigations Division in 2010 and was promoted to Lieutenant in March 2013. Keirsey was named the CID Commander in December 2015.

You may reach Captain Keirsey at (573) 785-5776 ext. 1306

or at his email:

Lieutenant Josh Stewart

Lieutenant Josh Stewart joined the department in March of 2009. Stewart graduated the 2007 Missouri Sheriff’s Association 640 hour Training Academy as Valedictorian of his class and holds a Class A POST certification. Upon obtaining his certification he began work as a Reserve Deputy with the Butler County Sheriff’s Department and was hired as a Full Time Road Deputy in 2008. Lieutenant Stewart is a Type III BAC Operator, an ALERRT Rapid Response to Active Shooter Instructor and is certified through the Missouri State Highway Patrol in Hazardous Waste and Emergency Response for Methamphetamine Labs. In December of 2013, Lieutenant Stewart was presented an Award of Valor and inducted into the American Police Hall of Fame for a June 9th, 2013 incident in which he and Sergeant Joe Ward rescued two struggling swimmers from Black River. Stewart was also awarded the department’s Officer of the Year Award in 2013 and in 2015. In March of 2014, Stewart was appointed Evidence Technician for the department. Stewart worked in this capacity until being promoted to Detective in June of 2015. Stewart was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in July 2016. He currently supervises the other detectives and oversees the daily operations of the Criminal Investigations Division.

Lieutenant Stewart can be reached at 573-785-5776 ext: 1321

or by email at:

Detective Bryce Colvin

Detective Colvin started in law enforcement as a Military Police Officer at Fort Bragg North Carolina, in the winter of 2003. After returning home, Det. Colvin was able to become a Civilian Peace Officer and started a full time law enforcement career with the Butler County Sheriff’s Office in 2006. Det. Colvin started with the Poplar Bluff Police Department in March of 2008 as a Patrolman. In May of 2010, Det. Colvin was promoted to Detective and is currently assigned as a General Crimes Investigator. Det. Colvin continues to serve in the U.S. Army Reserves and is currently assigned as a Special Agent for the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command. In 2011, Det. Colvin was deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and was assigned as a Special Agent at the FOB Shank CID Office in

Afghanistan. After his deployment he was chosen by 3D Military Police Group (CID) to be trained as a Forensic Science Technician. Det. Colvin attended an intensive training session that included Blood Stain Pattern Analysis, Digital Crime Scene Scanning, and Advanced Crime Scene Training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Glynco, Georgia. Upon the completion of the courses, Det. Colvin successfully passed testing to become a Certified Crime Scene Investigator recognized by the International Association for Identification (IAI).

Det. Colvin Can be reached at (573) 785-5776 ext: 1314

or by his email:

Detective Scott Phelps

Det. Phelps joined our Department in June of 2008. Det Phelps has training in online crimes, undercover online operations, and seizure of digital evidence, and he also spends a considerable amount of time conducting educational presentations to schools, parents, teachers and other civic groups in the area.

You may reach Det. Phelps by phone at (573)686-8641

or by email at:

Detective Joseph Woodruff

Detective Woodruff has been with the department since February 2010, where he started as a part-time Animal Control Officer. Detective Woodruff became a Communications Officer in November of 2010. Woodruff graduated from the Missouri Sheriff's Association Training Academy in June 2011 and served as a temporary patrol officer until November of 2011, when he became a full time officer. Woodruff was transferred to the Criminal Investigations Division in October 2016 . Woodruff is an adviser for the Law Enforcement Explorer Program and is one of the department's body camera instructors and LiveScan instructor.

You may contact Detective Woodruff at: (573) 785-5776 ext: 1360

or by email at: