C.C.O. Kim Johnson #C1
Chief Telecommunications Officer Johnson began her career in public safety dispatching on August 3, 1998 with this department. She received full M.U.L.E.S. certification in December of 1998 and was appointed as the M.U.L.E.S. TAC officer in 2011. Kim received her APCO Public Safety Telecommunicator certification in 2001 and APCO Communications Center Supervisor certification in 2011. She attended Midwest Counterdrug Training Center for her Emergency Spanish for 911 Operators certification and has taken part in the MOAPCO MULES/CJIS Conference and the Missouri Department of Public Safety Communications Conference. Kim has received the Elks Lodge Law Enforcement Dispatcher of the Year award in 2001 and again in 2013. In April 2011 she was promoted to her current position of Chief Communications Officer. You may contact C.C.O. Johnson in her office at (573) 785-5776 ext. 1322 or by email at:


A.C.C.O. Dave Williams #C2
A.C.C.O. Williams has been with the communications division since November of 2010. Before starting with our agency A.C.C.O. Williams worked as a Communications Officer for the Stoddard County Sheriff's Office, the Dexter Police Department, and the Stoddard County 911. A.C.C.O. Williams is A.P.C.O. certified and C.T.O. certified. Williams was promoted to Assistant Chief Communications Officer in January 2013. You may contact C.O. Williams at (573) 785-5776 ext. 1323 or via email: 

 Kelly Staggs #C3

Hired as a part-time Animal Control Officer, Kelly has been employed since 1997 with the Poplar Bluff Police Dept.  In March of 1998, she transferred to the Communications Division. Prior to employment with the Poplar Bluff Police Department, Kelly was honored to serve our country in the United States Marine Corps where she was recognized as the Marine of the Quarter for the Marine Corps Combat Development Command at Quantico Virginia.  She later was employed as an Animal Warden for the Prince William County Police Department in Prince William County, Virginia.

She is APCO and MULES certified; holding also certifications in CAMEO, MarPlot, and ALOHA. She has attended Missouri Department of Homeland Security Training in Crisis Communications for Public Safety Communications Supervisors.  She has also attended both FEMA and Department of Homeland Security training in WMD Awareness, WMD Technical Emergency Response Training for CBRNE Incidents as well as training in Hazard Assessment and Response Management for CBRNE Incidents at the Center for Domestic Preparedness in Anniston, AL. where she was exposed to live nerve agents at the COBRATF.

She has completed Department of Justice training in Best Practices for Missing and Abducted Children (Amber Alert) as well FEMA training in Incident Command ICS 100, 200, 700, Workplace Violence, Telecommunicators Emergency Response Taskforce and a multitude of other online and site specific training courses.  You may contact Staggs by email at:

Reva Wilburn #C4 

 C.O. Wilburn has been with the department since July 31st of 2000.  She is M.U.L.E.S. certified.  Before joining our department, C.O. Wilburn worked with the EMS service as a licensed Paramedic since 1988.  You may reach C.O. Wilburn at her email address:

C.T.O. Jamie K. Wicker #C5

C.T.O. Wicker started with our department in March of 2006.  Wicker is a certified M.U.L.E.S. operator as well as C.A.M.E.O., A.L.O.H.A. and Marplot.  Wicker has been A.P.C.O. certified as a Public Safety Telecommunicator as well as a Communications Training Officer. In addition to these certifications, Wicker is also certified in Emergency Spanish for 911 Operators.  In February, 2011 Wicker received certification in Communication Center Supervision. In January 2015, she received Certification in Fire Service Communication. The Comm. Center Supervision and Fire Service are both from APCO.

Prior to joining our department, Wicker worked as a dispatcher for Butler County Sheriff's Department, Stoddard County Ambulance and Dexter Police department.

Wicker is currently a volunteer firefighter for the Butler County Fire Protection District and is certified in Basic Firefighting Skills.

You may contact C.T.O. Wicker at her email:

Dena Johnston #C6

Johnston started August 2015. Johnston will be APCO certified in May of this year.
She has over 30 years experience in business administration, 11 of those years as an office manager. C.O. Johnston may be reached at    

Tracy Ketcherside #C7

Ketcherside started with the department in May of 2012. Since being hired Ketcherside had become APCO certified. Ketcherside has also received training in synthetic cannabinoids. Prior to joining the department Ketcherside worked as a dispatcher in Arkansas in 2004. She was also a Private Probation Officer from 2008 to 2011. Ketcherside may be contacted by email at:

Holly Lewis #C8

Holly Lewis has been with the department since July 1, 2012. Prior to joining our department, Holly was a dispatcher for the Carter County Sheriff's Department from 1997 to 1999. In 1999, Holly became a P.O.S.T. certified peace officer. In September of 1999, Holly joined the Butler County Sheriff's Department as a dispatcher and a Reserve Deputy, she later became a full time Deputy Sheriff.  Lewis is CTO certified and was recently commissioned as a Reserve Officer in June of 2014.

You may contact Lewis at her email: