McClain Named Chief of Police

Mike McClain has been appointed Chief of Police for the Poplar Bluff Police Department by City Manager Matt Winters. McClain began his career with the department in 1995 and was promoted to Deputy Chief of Police in September 2019. McClain was named Interim Chief of Police at the retirement of former Chief of Police Danny Whiteley. McClain was sworn in to the Chief position Monday night (October 17th, 2022) before the Poplar Bluff City Council by City Clerk Lori Phelps.

New Police Department Open to the Public

The new police department is open to the public beginning October 12th, 2022. The address for the Poplar Bluff Police Department is now 911 North Shelby Road Poplar Bluff, Missouri 63901. The business phone number (573-785-5776) has not changed.

The Poplar Bluff Police Department now has a Medication Return Drug Collection Unit available for use. The unit is located in the lobby of the police department and can be utilized 24/7. Listed below are the accepted and not accepted items.



Over-the-counter medications



Medications for pets



Liquid mediation in glass or leak-proof containers.

NOT Accepted

Needles (Sharps)

Thermometers (Department of Natural Recourses will accept any mercury thermometers)

Bloody or infectious waste

Hydrogen peroxide

Aerosol cans