The Narcotics Division focuses its investigations on illegal drug and narcotic activities, such as the sale, distribution, possession and manufacturing of controlled substances. Our Narcotics Division works closely with the other department’s divisions as well as the SEMO Drug Task Force and several federal agencies, including; F.B.I., D.E.A., & A.T.F. Our department has attached a member of our Narcotics Division to the SEMO Drug Task Force, who works directly with many surrounding law enforcement agencies. Community members can work with Narcotics detectives to solve problems by providing information and requesting their assistance. To develop a collaborative relationship with Narcotics Division, please call their office.

Det. Corey Mitchell: (573) 686-8609

Det. Jason Morgan: (573) 686-8043

Det. Steve McCane: (573) 686-8666

Narcotics Hotline (Anonymous): (573) 686-8675

S.E.M.O. Drug Task Force: 1-800-877-8770