Code Enforcement

The Poplar Bluff Police Department’s Code Enforcement Division is comprised of two Code Enforcement Officers. The purpose for code enforcement is to ensure that the ongoing uses of land within the City of Poplar Bluff are accomplished in accordance with current land use regulations. The Code Enforcement Division maintains continuous surveillance of the community in an effort to prevent serious problems before they occur. Complaints regarding un-kept yards, trash accumulation, blocked alleys, dangerous conditions, abandoned vehicles, and conflicting uses are generally handled by this division. Generally speaking the Code Enforcement Division is responsible for protecting your property investment by ensuring that all property owners maintain their property and use it in accordance with established laws. The Code Enforcement Division, as an extension of the responsibilities listed above, is also responsible for the identification and abatement of dangerous buildings within the city of Poplar Bluff.

If you have concerns regarding any matter which you feel is causing a detrimental effect on your property or neighborhood please contact the Code Enforcement Division at (573) 686-8682.

Immediate safety issues or emergencies should be reported to the Police Department by dialing 911.

Code Enforcement Officer James Sisk

Officer Sisk has been with the Code Enforcement division since March 31st, 1997. He began with the division when it was operated out of the Planning and Zoning Department, and transferred with the Code Enforcement Division when it moved to the Police Department on April 16th, 1999.

Officer Sisk can be reached at: (573) 686-8682

or by email at:

Code Enforcement Officer Daron House

Officer House worked as an Animal Control Officer for 4 years before transferring to the Code Enforcement Division on June 3rd, 2002. He has worked as a Code Enforcement Officer since the transfer.

House may be reached at (573) 785-5776 ext. 1371

or via email: