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Lt. Bob Moore 236

Lt. Moore has been with the department since March of 1992 when he joined the department's Reserve division, before being hired as a full-time officer on October 1st of 1994.  He was promoted to the rank of Corporal in 2002, the rank of Sergeant in 2008 and the rank of Lt. in 2009.  Moore graduated from the SEMO Law Enforcement Academy in July, 1992.   Moore is a certified First Responder, Field Training Officer and is a Type III B.A.C. Operator.  He has attended Incident Command training for Supervisors. You may contact Lt. Moore at:

Sgt. Joe Ward #245
 Sgt. Ward has been with the department since August 1990. Ward was promoted to Corporal in March 2009 and then to his current position of Sergeant in January of 2013. He is one of the department's range instructors.
You may contact Sgt. Ward at:


Cpl. Steve Nance #259

Cpl. Nance was hired as a Reserve Officer on May 16th, 2003.   He was hired as a Full-Time officer in March of 2005. Nance was awarded Officer of the Year in 2012 and was promoted to his current position of Corporal in January 7th, 2013. Nance is also one of the departments field training officers.

 You may contact Cpl. Nance at: 

Cpl. Shonna Parrent 277
Ptlm. Parrent has been with the department since 2007 when she started as a reserve officer. Parrent became a full-time officer in January of 2009. Parrent may be contacted via email at:


Ptlm. Jerry Cates 262
Officer Cates has been with the department since November 11th, 1990.

Ptlm. James “Jamie“ Sample 276

Ptlm. Sample has been with the department since March 6th of 1995 after graduating from the SEMO Law Enforcement Academy.  Officer Sample is a Field Training Officer for the department.




Ptlm. Brandon Hopper 256

Ptlm. Brandon Hopper has been employed with the department since May 2010. Ptlm. Hopper is also a sixteen year veteran with the United States Army and is currently serving as a Squad Leader with the Missouri National Guard, stationed with 1137th Military Police Company in Kennett, Missouri. Ptlm. Hopper may be contacted at:


Ptlm. Joseph Woodruff 271
Ptlm. Woodruff has been with the department since February 2010, where he started as a part-time Animal Control Officer. Ptlm. Woodruff became a Communications Officer in November of  2010. Woodruff graduated from the Missouri Sheriff's Association Training Academy in June 2011. Ptlm. Woodruff served as a temporary officer until November of 2011, when he became a full time officer. Woodruff is an advisor for the Law Enforcement Explorer Program and is one of the department's body camera instructors. He is also a LiveScan Instructor. You may contact Ptlm. Woodruff at:

Ptlm. Robert Reed 304
Ptlm. Reed began his career in June 2014. He is a graduate of the Missouri Sheriff's Association Training Academy Class of 2012. Prior to joining the department, Reed was a Reserve Officer and worked as a Corrections Officer for the Butler County Justice Center. Reed can be contacted via his email:

Ptlm. Zachary Tubb 307



Ptlm. Austin Lemonds #310